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The History Behind Pritchards: Percy Pritchard 07/08/2016

The History Behind Pritchards: Percy Pritchard

Percy Pritchard was barely 18 when he was amongst hundreds of volunteers for The Herefordshire Regiment in August 1914. Percy was a Hereford character, living and working in the family tailors in the city for most of his life. Much of this account is told in his own words from recorded interviews he made in the 1980s and 90s. His first memories were of the excitement and the camaraderie amongst the volunteers as they drilled on Castle Green and marched about the city. He remembered particularly the excellent food they... Read More

Beefy Boys 01/12/2014

When Pritchards Met The Beefy Boys

A group of amateur chefs from Hereford claimed world recognition last year by claiming top spot in the final round of the World Burger Championships in the city of lights, Las Vegas with their ‘Butty Back’ burger. The Beefy Boys amazingly achieved second place in the overall competition wrapping up a healthy $5,000 prize fund. To then return a year later and claim the same recognition. With the boys busy schedule we were lucky enough to interview them on their experiences and their plans for the future ahead knowing they... Read More