David Beckham is a man who needs no introduction, famous for his almost mythical right foot and that halfway line goal, it could be argued that the former England captain has quickly become more renowned for his taste in clothing. always been a focal point for the world of men’s fashion and his impeccable sense of style has led to generations of men garnering inspiration from him. From the 90s to the present, Beckham has continuously evolved his wardrobe, becoming an embodiment of current trends in menswear. In this blog, we will take a closer look at five of Beckham’s most iconic looks, examining the impact of each outfit and ways in which you can recreate them yourself.

The Rise of Beckham’s Fashion Sense

David Beckham’s fashion transformation over the years has been nothing short of impressive. From his time as a football star at clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and later LA Galaxy and PSG, he has transitioned into a major fashion influencer. His unique wardrobe choices have caught the attention of the industry and people worldwide, making him a trendsetter in his own right. Beckham’s rise in the fashion world has been a testament to his confidence, individuality, and passion for self-expression through clothing.

Look 1 – The 90’s Casual Footballer

David Beckham wearing athleisure walking down the street.
David Beckham wearing athleisure walking down the street.

During the 90s, the floppy-haired, Brylcreemed Beckham embodied the casual footballer look, which defined the fashion era of the time. His laid-back style resonated with football fans, with athleisure becoming a consistent trend from the turn of the millennium onwards. From tracksuits to oversized jerseys, Beckham’s outfits during this time showcased an effortless flair. His fashion choices, often alongside Victoria Beckham, became symbolic of culture of the 90s, making him a style icon both on and off the field. To recreate the feel of Beckham’s outfit, we would use the Fred Perry Light Oyster Woven Track Jacket, a classic piece for day-to-day wear which channels the relaxed nature of 90s UK football culture.

Look 2 – Early 2000’s Metrosexual Trendsetter

David and Victoria Beckham 2000s
David and Victoria Beckham 2000s

As the new millennium dawned, Beckham’s style underwent a major transformation, redefining the concept of masculinity in fashion. Embracing the metrosexual trend, he challenged traditional gender norms, showcasing his confidence and individuality through his fashion choices. Tailored suits, stylish accessories, and perfectly groomed looks became the hallmarks of Beckham’s early 2000s style. His transition from football star to fashion influencer was well underway, with the world taking notice of the Real Madrid star’s polished image.

Outfit Details and Impact

Beckham’s early 2000s look was characterised by loud and attention grabbing designer pieces, especially in his everyday wardrobe. He paired these outfits with quieter items such as a clean white tee and blue denim. To recreate an outfit such as this, we recommend following the style rule of combining a statement piece with more subdued items to finish the look. Our choice for an eye-catching top layer would be the Edwin Purple Plumeria Sebastian Shirt. The oversized nature makes it reminiscent of the 2000s, whilst remaining modern and versatile within your styling. Beckham’s attention to detail and commitment to high-end fashion had a significant impact on men’s style, inspiring many to embrace a more refined and fashionable look. Beckham’s metrosexual trendsetter image challenged societal norms, encouraging men to express themselves through fashion. His outfits exuded confidence, making him a style icon of the time.

Look 3 – Mid 2000’s Sophisticated Gentleman

David and Victoria Beckham walking away
David and Victoria Beckham walking away

In the mid-2000s, Beckham’s style took on a more sophisticated and mature approach. Having moved to Major League Soccer team, Los Angeles Galaxy, his style became more ‘grown-up’ embracing tailored suits, classic silhouettes, and timeless pieces. Beckham’s mid-2000s look became synonymous with elegance and class, redefining the boundaries of men’s fashion. His outfits exuded a sense of refinement, making him a fashion role model for a new demographic and subsequently taking the United States by storm.

Outfit Breakdown and Influence

Beckham’s mid-2000s sophisticated gentleman aesthetic often included well-fitted suits, crisp shirts, and polished shoes. His attention to detail and refined tailoring set new standards in men’s fashion, as trends started to move towards closer fitting clothing. The English football star’s outfits during this time had a major influence on the way men dressed, promoting a more polished and refined style. His fashion choices reflected the idea of timeless elegance, creating a lasting impact on the world of fashion. Beckham’s dignified, mid-2000s looks epitomised the fusion of football and high fashion.

Look 4 – 2010’s Stylish Dad

David Beckham wearing a leather Belstaff Outlaw Jacket at short film premiere
David Beckham wearing a leather Belstaff Jacket at short film premiere

As Beckham transitioned into fatherhood, his style also evolved. During the late 2000s and early 2010s, he embraced a more relaxed ‘Dad Look’ whilst keeping a fashionable approach to dressing. His outfits during this time reflected his role as a doting father, combining comfort and style effortlessly. Beckham’s fashion choices resonated with many, showing that being a married man and father doesn’t mean compromising on style. His new and refined image became an inspiration for fathers looking to dress well whilst balancing the role of being a parent. His ambassadorial role at Belstaff meant we saw him regularly in clothing inspired by motorcycle culture, a look which can be easily integrated, no matter what your age group.

Outfit Components and Fashion Statement

Beckham’s outfit components in his stylish dad look showcased his unique fashion sense. Combining sophistication with a touch of edginess, his fashion statement was always on point. Carefully curated, his outfits reflected his personal style, making a bold statement and setting new trends. The components of Beckham’s outfits created a cohesive and stylish look, showcasing his ability to effortlessly blend comfort, practicality, and fashion. To include this in your own appearance, we suggest items with longevity and versatility, such as the Belstaff Walkham Jacket. The waxed cotton makes for extreme durability and the casual nature of the jacket means it can be dressed up for formal occasions or down for everyday usage.

Look 5 – 2020’s Modern Fashion Icon

Victoria and David Beckham Wear Coordinated Lunch Looks in NYC

The 2020s have allowed Beckham to transition into quieter and more sophisticated styling. Now co-owner of American MLS superteam, Inter Miami, it’s not rare to see him in casual, tailored outfits to reflect the nature of his new position. This fifth look exemplified the perfect fusion of classic and contemporary styles, showcasing the latest trends in menswear. From slick tailoring to the use of accessories, such as a signature watch, Beckham’s outfit demonstrated his ability to stay ahead of the fashion curve while maintaining his individuality. This look made a strong impact, further establishing him as a style icon of the present time.

Outfit Description and Relevance

Beckham’s modern outfits feature more tailored elements, highlighting his new, refined style. The attention to detail, including the choice of accessories, adds depth to the overall look. Versatile in nature, Beckham’s contemporary fashion is suitable for both professional and social settings, effortlessly transitioning from day to night. The flexibility of neutral clothing means that they can be worn for years to come, without appearing out of fashion.

How has David Beckham’s Fashion Evolved over the Years?

David Beckham’s fashion evolution is evident in the changing styles and trends he has embraced throughout the years. From his time as a league title winning footballer, he has seamlessly transitioned into a fashion phenomenon, constantly pushing the preexisting boundaries of men’s fashion. His willingness to experiment with new looks and styles, combined with his confidence, has resulted in a fashion journey that has inspired many. Nowadays, Beckham has settled into a quiet, yet vogue, manner of dressing. However, it’s rare for him to be out of the limelight for too long, as he frequently sets the internet and social media alight with his up to date clothing decisions.

Impact of Beckham’s Fashion Evolution on Men’s Style

Beckham’s fashion evolution has had a significant impact on men’s style trends. His bold fashion choices have encouraged men to embrace their individuality and express themselves through fashion, breaking down walls in what is expected in menswear. The World Cup star’s ability to effortlessly mix high-end and streetwear has influenced the way men dress, blurring the lines between formal and casual attire.

What can we learn from Beckham’s Fashion Evolution?

Beckham’s fashion evolution teaches us the importance of embracing personal style and celebrating our individuality. His journey serves as a reminder of the power of confidence in carrying off any look, Beckham’s ability to adapt to changing trends encourages us to be open to new styles and constantly evolving our own fashion choices. His fashion journey is a testament to the fact that style is an ever-evolving expression of self, allowing us to showcase our personality, creativity, and uniqueness.


In conclusion, David Beckham’s fashion evolution over the years has been nothing short of remarkable. From his early days as a Manchester United starlet in the 90s to becoming a global celebrity in Spain, America and then France, Beckham has always had a keen sense of style. His transformation into a sophisticated gentleman in the mid-2000s and a stylish dad in the late 2000s and early 2010s showcases his versatility and adaptability in the fashion world. And now, in the 2020s, Beckham continues to make waves as a modern fashion icon. His fashion choices have had a significant impact on men’s style, inspiring many to experiment with their own looks. Overall, Beckham’s fashion evolution teaches us the importance of embracing change and evolving our style to stay relevant and true to ourselves.

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