Male grooming and skincare awareness is at an all-time high with creators on platforms such as TikTok creating content entirely based around this. These influencers – or ‘skinfluencers’ – are promoting healthy lifestyles and attitudes for young men with the goal of bettering physical and mental health. Looking after your skin is looking after yourself, and Pritchards’ range of grooming products will be the perfect place to start.

It can be overwhelming what advice you should take on board in relation to skincare, so we’ve done the hard work for you by sourcing some of the best tips available on TikTok. Here are our top tips from TikTok skinfluencers for young men:

Ease into a new routine, don’t go crazy

It can be easy to draw up lists of products that may help you, and every influencer has their favourite brands and routines that they claim will help you the most. As Daniel (@mrduku) states: start small. Before you rush to the shops and buy a load of new gear, invest in a moisturiser, face mask, or a toner or cream specific to your current concerns, and keep it simple until your routine is cemented and comfortable.

Our Feel Good Face Wash or Multi-Purpose Moisturiser by Supply are the perfect starting options; both affordable and easy to use. If you enjoy the benefits of these, then consider adding more specific products to combat particular areas of your skin, such as the Supply Age Defence Eye Cream, or Lumin Skin-Purifying Toner.

Sun cream has more than one use

While moisturiser might seem like the obvious choice for, well, moisturising dry skin, you may not have considered SPF 50 sun cream. Dr Chris Tomassian (@dr.tomassian) rates suncream as very high on the list of essential products for skincare, as it often contains a moisturising solution to allow regular application for the skin.

If you are looking to save a bit of cash, but still want to upgrade your arsenal, you could swap out your usual moisturiser and subsequently acquire a more unique and high-profile product, such as the UV-Defence Moisturising Balm.

Is sun cream better than moisturiser?

It is widely debated that you should simply opt to use sun cream instead of moisturiser, as Dr Vanita Rattan (@drvanitarattan) argues. In some cases this may be true; we think it is important to do research into what is best for your own skin type, and choose from there.

While most suncream is affordable and designed for all skin types, if you have sensitive or dry skin, you may want to get hold of a more specialised moisturiser, like the Premium Grade Moisturiser by Lumin, which is designed specifically for dry and dull skin.

Store eye cream in the fridge

In another interesting take, Dr Chris Tomassian (@dr.tomassian) explains that keeping eye cream in the fridge can enhance its freshness, and it will certainly feel revitalising when applying in the morning. The temperature can have positive effects on sagging; therefore, making the product more effective and quicker to see results. While this isn’t necessary, it could be an interesting hack to make your money go further, and get your eyes looking healthier, faster.

If you are looking for eye-related products, Lumin’s Eye Puff Deflator will nicely accompany Supply’s Age Defense Eye Cream, or you may wish to choose between them to keep your routine simple and snappy.

Don’t use scrub and exfoliant every day

While it may be tempting to use your new products as often as possible, you don’t need to overcomplicate your routine, and using certain elements too often may actually have the opposite effects that you are aiming for. Shamrin Virani (@shamrinv) discusses the most important products to include in your day-to-day routine, outlining that scrubs and exfoliants should not be used every morning. Instead, use them a couple of times a week.

Lumin’s Exfoliating Rub is the perfect fit with their Black Silicone Face Scrubber for biweekly routines, and will keep you fresh-faced alongside your usual daily regime.

Skincare after a night out

One of the big factors that puts people out of routine is lack of motivation that can come from energy or illness, including a self-inflicted hangover! If you are in the middle of your routine, and you are worried that you won’t continue it after a night out or are simply too tired to want to do it, Hyram (@skinbyhyram) has got you covered.

Consistency is key, he states at the end of one video. Keep your process simple: apply a quick cleanser and hydrating cream, such as Lumin’s Charcoal Cleanser. Hyram also recommends using an exfoliator in this process but, as you don’t want to be doing this too often, you could skip it on this occasion, provided you aren’t already due another application. If you are, you might want to consider Lumin’s Exfoliating Rub for a more rejuvenated hangover.

Additional options for your routine

Creams and rubs are very important to a daily routine but, if you want to take it a step further, there are other healthy products you can take. Vitamin C supplements, skin omegas and even green tea are among some of the extra substances that Dr Vanita Rattan (@drvanitarattan) suggests. These are readily available from most health shops, and are easy to integrate into daily routines.

Boosting other products

Dr Rattan also emphasises that certain substances can boost others if used in conjunction. One example of this is retinol (which can be purchased in the form of certain skincare creams) working well with panthenol (also comes in cream-form), then influenced further by glycerine, which is typically used to treat damaged skin. Acquiring these substances is obviously a jump forward so, unless you are deep into a skincare routine already, don’t feel the need to go this far just yet.

Late for work?

Running late for work is another reason why you might break your routine. Rushing is never fun, and can cause unhealthy stress on top of your lack of time for proper self-care. Fortunately, Young (@yayayayoung) has some good tips for avoiding this, in between his humorous content.

A foam cleanser might be more convenient thanks to its quick application, as does a bubble mask or spray-on serum, like the Lumin Touchless Hydration Face Mist that will provide a quick, refreshing solution to your morning face. Young also uses his face mask in the car on his way to work as, by the time he reaches his destination, it is ready to be peeled off. While we wouldn’t recommend doing this due to safety concerns, it raises a good point about waiting for it to run its course while you are doing other morning tasks. See Lumin’s Intensive Repair and Charcoal Cleansing Pore face masks for easy-apply and sensitive skin products.

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Our partnerships with brands such as Lumin Skincare, Meridian Grooming, Murdock London and Supply mean we have something for everybody. Whether you are looking to start your first routine, or to add another layer to your skin’s defences against the elements, choose Pritchards for premium men’s care. View our full range of skincare products here.

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