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After bursting into the cinema mainstream with his portrayal of the King of Rock in Elvis, Austin Butler has experienced a somewhat stratospheric rise to the title of Hollywood Golden boy. Now fresh off the back of acclaimed sci-fi epic, Dune 2, it’s never been a better time to start channelling your own version of Butler’s (impeccable) style.

When it comes to box office giants of the 20th Century, you’re hard pressed to find someone quite as influential as Paul Newman. The American actor, famed for his piercing blue eyes, has gained fashion icon status due to his relaxed, Western style which has influenced generations of men looking to find their own personal aesthetic.

Most adults reading this have either been or witnessed the ‘New Year, New Me’ individual. They set off by changing their foods to an extreme, they sign up for a press up challenge, they join the gym, they buy all-new kit.