With winter around the corner, it’s time to get your wardrobe ready to face colder climes. For some people, this means throwing an all-purpose coat over their summer outfits, but for the discerning man, this offers a world of opportunities to heighten your style. Layering is the rare strategy that is the most fashionable, but also the most practical, and mastering it is the key to getting the most out of your wardrobe.

Adding and removing layers can help you make the transition from the cold outdoors to the warm interior of an office, bar or department store, and keep you feeling comfortable even when the weather outside is frightful. It’s also a chance to get a lot of mileage out of your high-quality, designer staples because the layers you pair together will give each outfit its own unique character.

Combining items in this way often helps you to get the most from a few key pieces. But how do you know exactly what you’ll need? We’ve prepared a handy guide below to help you find the pieces you’re looking for, incorporate your own style, and stay warm and stylish.


The first layer to consider won’t even be visible in most cases – it’s all about warmth. A T-shirt or thermal undershirt can help you to stay warm without adding too much bulk, so it’s a perfect consideration if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Bear in mind that you won’t be able to take this layer off, so if your exposure to the cold will be limited to short walks between shops, or between your car and the office, you might want to think twice and avoid the risk of overheating.


The second layer to consider is a shirt. The right shirt can add a playful dash of colour to an outfit, or add the “smart” into a “smart-casual” ensemble, depending on how you deploy it. If you want to get a lot of use out of your shirt, it’s best to choose a relatively plain design in a neutral colour that will fit with a broad range of other items – think blues and whites to stay seasonally appropriate.

However, if you’re looking to take a risk, a plaid or patterned shirt can add some personality to an otherwise dark or plain outfit. Just be sure that the colour of the shirt (or one of the main shades if the shirt is multicoloured) matches your other layers, or you’ll risk an outfit that is too busy and difficult to adapt.

This Gant navy linen shirt is the perfect base for a neutral ensemble that will look as good in the office as it does while out with friends. Meanwhile, these Paul Smith shirts make a bolder statement with enough character to elevate a plain outfit into something that stands out.


For your third layer, think about a jumper, hoodie or sweatshirt. When you’re indoors, this will become your outer layer, so you want one that fits well and doesn’t add bulk. You might be tempted to choose a chunky knit but remember that this outfit will trap a lot of heat between the layers and a thick jumper might cause you to overheat.

Once again, a plain design is the safest choice and will give you the most flexibility in terms of adapting your outfit to different settings and occasions. If you’re going Christmas shopping straight from work and following up by meeting friends at a bar, a simple, dark jumper will never look out of place.

This Paul Smith navy blue crew neck pullover is easy to match and comfortable. It’s lightweight but will keep you warm with its wool blend, provided you pair it with the right layers. This Hackett charcoal lambswool half-zip jumper is soft and warm, and the collar will perfectly complement the shirt underneath.


A smart outer layer will tie your whole outfit together, and it’s important to consider your needs in terms of warmth and style. Most wardrobes will have fewer coats or jackets to choose from than shirts or jumpers and it’s usually best to invest in one or two high-quality pieces that will last for a long time.

Something plain will allow you to mix and match the rest of the outfit, while something bright or colourful will tend to dominate the rest of your ensemble. Fit and style will also be important to consider, but waist-length jackets are set to be one of the most popular looks this season.

These jackets are perfect for keeping warm and are easy to mix and match with their simple design. Nevertheless, they’re durable and distinct enough to create a striking silhouette and draw the eye.


If you need even more protection from the cold, accessories are a perfect chance to customise and personalise an outfit while keeping you warm. A beanie hat is sometimes appropriate for social occasions, but you may have to take it off, so it’s only really an option if you’re not worried about messing up your hair!

A scarf, meanwhile, will be welcome in a variety of situations and can add a splash of colour to an outfit. If you’re confident with colours, you can wear a scarf in a contrasting shade so that even when your coat is fastened and your layering isn’t visible, your overall outfit will catch the eye.

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