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Kate Young Photography

Throughout the next 4 weeks Pritchards will select 4 rising stars in various forms of art, giving you an insight into their life and what to expect from them. For the first installment, we have interviewed a photographer known as Kate Young, She’s not afraid to expose real life with thoughtful and meaningful images expressing people’s feelings and their perception of things. As well as being a vegan, she is known for her exceptional wildlife imagery.

How was it growing up in Cardiff?
Cardiff is a great place to live, growing up in the suburban outskirts of Cardiff has meant I have had the perfect balance of experiencing both busy city life and quieter urban life. However in terms of my art I believe experiencing different cultures and landscapes in other European countries, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Mexico and Egypt have been most beneficial and I am truly lucky to have had the opportunity to experience such places!

How did your art career start, and was it always photography centered?
No not at all! Photography has always been a part of my art but I also love to draw and paint, any free time I get from my studies I will immediately have a paintbrush in my hand. I enjoyed many subjects in school but creative and art bases subjects such as art and design or media production came very naturally to me. There has been no real clear starting point, my art and photography just gradually became my main focus.

Kate Young Photography

How would you describe your style?
My style is fairly simplistic – I like to experiment with light and space. However my style is evolving with each new project I embark on and it’s wonderful to watch my work progress and change.

Your series ‘Influence’ is fascinating; tell us about it in a nutshell. What intrigued you most about the topic?
Thank you! I became fascinated with monochrome photography and how along with the removal of colour the importance of lighting increased dramatically. I had completed many outdoor shoots and I was interested in becoming involved in a project that was within a studio set up and therefore was not reliant on natural light for a change. I became interested in the work of Milton H. Greene, and his well-known photographs of his muses Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and other such high profile film stars during the 1950’s and 60’s – the iconic styles of such stars are reflected in my collection.

Kate Young Photography
Kate Young Photography

How did your recent shoot come to you? Who did you shoot and why? What were you trying to discover?
My most recent work is a follow on project of ‘influence’, I wanted to take those 50’s style photos and modernise them. However I still wanted to look further into ‘influence’ but take it in another direction. Rather than focusing on the influence of light, I looked at the influence of a person, for example the abstract images styled after Marilyn Monroe are designed to emphasis her iconic features such as her lips and beauty mark.

Kate Young Photography
Kate Young Photography

What was the first camera that you received?
I had many different digital cameras growing up, the first camera of importance that sticks in my mind is the first Canon camera that was ever bought for me – my Canon EOS 1100D. I still love to use that camera from time to time and find it produces images of a brilliant quality!

What type of cameras do you shoot with?
The camera I use most prominently in my work currently is the Canon EOS 70D, although my choice of lens varies depending on the subject. Much of my portraiture work has been completed with a 55-250mm EFS lens, while much of my wildlife photography has been with an EF 100-400mm L telephoto lens.

Kate Young Photography

Kate Young Photography

 What are your ambitions? Do you want to explore the world or go to university?
Ideally I would like to do both of course! I am hoping to be starting university this September, I have a great interest for moving image as well as still image and my choice of course reflect this – my ambition is to branch out into cinematography. I am hoping that with a career behind a camera I will have the opportunity to travel, experience different cultures and continue to be inspired by the world around me.

Do you have any tips for an aspiring photographer who’s picking up a camera for the first time?
Just that to remember to trick with any photography is patience, with trial and error photographs will improve and that it is easier to remain patience with a subject that really interests you – so find a topic that fascinates you, whether its fashion, culture or wildlife. For example despite the fact I enjoy portrait photography currently my original passion came from the exotic colours and animals I saw while traveling abroad.

If you would like to see more of Kate’s work, you can find her on twitter @ArtByKate, where you can also contact her.

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