When Pritchards Met The Beefy Boys

A group of amateur chefs from Hereford claimed world recognition last year by claiming top spot in the final round of the World Burger Championships in the city of lights, Las Vegas with their ‘Butty Back’ burger. The Beefy Boys amazingly achieved second place in the overall competition wrapping up a healthy $5,000 prize fund. To then return a year later and claim the same recognition. With the boys busy schedule we were lucky enough to interview them on their experiences and their plans for the future ahead knowing they have the worlds second best burger. Now that is something to boast about.

Beefy Boys

So you guys have been together a few months now and seem to have a good bond between you, how did you meet and begin The Beefy Boys?
We all grew up in Hereford and went to the same secondary school and college, so we’ve known each other around 15 years now. Hereford’s not the biggest place in the world so if you are around the same age and share similar interests you end up being forced together whether you like it or not. The beefy boys began in our backyards, we all love BBQ’s and they were a perfect get together, so the idea just come from that really.

How did the beefy boys come up with the idea to attempt to create the best burger in the world?
We just started out wanting to make the best burger possible, so we searched the net, reading books etc, before you knew it, you’re knee deep in figures about the melting point of connective tissue and how to emulsify cheese without it splitting, Burgers are constantly evolving, we try our hardest to find new methods and processes that help us make our burgers, end of the day it all comes down to how it tastes. That first bite into a big juicy burger dripping with sauce and melting cheese is a wonderful thing.

Out of all of you who’s the best chef?
Obviously me – Anthony Murphy

So i feel like we are getting to know each other… Can you tell us your secret for making the best burger?
There isn’t really a secret, there’s loads of little things you can do to make your burgers better, if i had to pick just one tip, it would be don’t muck about with it, bread crumbs, eggs etc, there’s no need, a burger patty should just be a slab of juicy well sourced meat.

What was the most memorable part of your adventure in Las Vegas?
Being stood on stage in Freemont Street Vegas when they announced the results, it was a 3 round competition and the overall score dictated the winner, we came 19th in the first round, 4th in the 2nd and 1st place in the grand finale, we were totally shocked we did so well.

What are your plans to make the most of your new accolade?
Since we opened our doors to our shop last year, the success from that has driven us to expand and grow, we are hoping to launch pop ups around the country, we’ve got plans for Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Edinburgh and of course good old Hereford.

Well, don’t know about you but we love The Beefy Boys! A group of lads from the sleepy town of Hereford claiming world recognition is pretty impressive. Apart from Ellie Goulding we haven’t really got anything to brag about. As time moves on we can only see these lads getting bigger and bigger and we cannot be any happier for the success which is going to come for them. With pop up events happening throughout December happening in Hereford, Bristol and Birmingham be sure to taste the world’s best burger!

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